Micromax MMX353G | 3G USB Modem | Dashboard | Software | Driver | Download | Specification

Micromax MMX353G 7.2Mbps Datacard | 3G USB Modem | Dashboard | Software | Driver | Download |

Micromax mmx353g usb modem

Micromax mmx353g usb modem


Specifications of Micromax MMX 353G Datacard (White)

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Micromax Unlocked 7.2Mbps 3G USB Modem

Features & Specifications :

HSUPA - 3GPP Release6, upto to 5.76M bps UL,category 6
HSDPA - 3GPP Release6, up to 7.2M bps DL,category 7/8
UMTS - 3GPP Release4, up to 384 Kbps DL and UL
EDGE - 3GPP Release4, Multislot class 12, up to 237 Kbps
GPRS - 3GPP Release4, Multislot class 10, up to 85.6Kbps
Voice Call & USSD Support
Frequency Band GSM/GPRS/EDGE 850/900/1800/1900 MHz UMTS 2100 MHz
External Interface UMTS/GSM Antenna Supported, Internal Antenna
USB Speed USB 2.0 High Speed
AT Interface 3GPP TS27.005/3GPP TS27.007 supported
visual Indicator(LED) RGB LED indicator for different state.

Buy Now Micromax MMX353G USB Modem Online

Buy Now Micromax MMX353G USB Modem Online

Zero-CD installation Supported
Operate System Supported
Windows 2000 SP4/ XP SP2/ VISTA, Windows 7   Mac OS X 10.4.9 or higher (only support INTEL platform), up to 10.6.0
SMS Supported / PhoneBook Supported / APN Auto Management Supported
Complete Session Statistics Supported / Field Test Data Supported
SMS and Data Service Simultaneously Operation Supported
Micro-SD Card Slot Supported, Max up to 8GB
1 Year Warrnaty –

Download Software | Dashboard | Driver | Firmware | Setup Files | Micromax MMX353G | WINDOWS XP 7 MAC LINUX 

Images of Dashboard –

Micromax mmx353g usb modem Dashboard Screenshot

Micromax mmx353g usb modem Dashboard Screenshot



  1. dear sir,
    my moderm firmware deleted, plz send firmware website
    Modem Information
    Modem name: MMX353G 3G USB Manager

  2. dear sir,
    i bought a new modem, connected the modem to my computer the modem icon was not shown, i really dont know what can i do next, plz help me….

  3. Hi ,
    Micromax MMX353G usb modem works on Ubuntu only user can connect internet ,
    1. connection manager support only for windows O/S
    2. Connection manager will not support in Unix O/S . so User can not use call , sms , balance check .

  4. my mmx352g is not suporting to win 7 on pc .but it detects on laptop with win 7.no device message shows on pc .what can i do ?

  5. dinesh diwan says:

    It’s working……thanks a lot.

  6. Hi everyone !!! i am having a problem with my device that is Micromax MMX353G 3G usb modem. when i connect it shows blue light and does not blink which means it is registered to umts but as soon i browse or want to download something it turns to green. and if i stop browsing then it turns to blue and remains like that. and again turns to green after browsing something on the net. what i mean to say is that when i am using the net the light turns to green and my speed is very slow due to this reason. I want to know if it is the fault of the device or network problem. and also this is the first time i have connected with this brand new device so if it is defective then i can get it replaced but i want to be sure of it.

    I hope some one out there can help me out.
    Your help will be appreciated.
    Thanks again.

  7. sathishkumar says:

    is it really compatible with linux os?



  9. I want micromax 353G USB modem driver for windows 8. It is not working in windows 8.

  10. warmachine says:

    Woww tried 10000ds of site only this worked

  11. nitin awate says:

    hi I am using micromax 353g datacard on my windows 8 laptop. but can not create shortcut on my desktop. pl. guide me

  12. i have MMAX353G data card which is not working in windows8.Please give me some help.

  13. Not getting reliance 3G speed with Micromax MMX 353G modem. please advice

  14. Hello sir
    i can n’t able to connect my device for windows 8
    plz send link to my address khadersbs@gmail.com

  15. micromax company is cheating to peoples

  16. Hello Admin,
    I am using micromax mmx353g. I can use this same device for vodafone,bsnl,aircel 3g data sim for connection. but i can’t able to use tata docomo gsm sim with this device. It says “No service available” kindly help

    • no service means your device is not detecting sim card or not connecting to network , try searching network manually , try any other docomo sim card , if other sim card is working fine , replace sim card with nearest docomo center.

  17. I want to create the password and this password will requiring when plug in device to the system.
    is it possible ??

  18. I have 352G modem.But i want to use 353G Software in this modem .I m already download this software but i want to install this in my Modem permanetly . If possible HOW ???

  19. plz give original Driver of Aircel ZTE MF 190 A

  20. Hii.. friends..
    I have got MMX 353G usb modem.., I’m using Bsnl sim in it with a 2g recharge and a 3g(H) network..
    but I’m Not satisfactory with its speed. It surfs well but, the down-speeds don’t go above 20kbps..
    (Whereas Airtel 3G works well with the down-speed of 500-600 kbps).. pls do help me.. I m really needing ur help buddy..

    • Bsnl has barred the download speed limit for 2g customer over 3g network, surfing speed is at 384kbps , but the download is very low , if you recharge with 3g plans , you will get the download speed upto 3.1mbps with trasnfer rate 50kbps to 600kbps depending upon the network conditions.for bsnl 3g tariff click here.

  21. Hello friends i am using micromax 353g.I have some problem with this device that is connection is automatically disconnected after transfering 50MB data.Is there any solution for this probelm.

    please help me.


  22. maine vodafone ka modem liya hai magar sabse badiya micromax ka modem hai kyuki esme apn
    creat karna bahut asaan hai aur esme automatic bhi apn ban jata hai
    1750 rupees company ne sahi price rakha hai.

  23. sir plz help me b,coz my 353g datacard not working window 8

  24. Dear Sir,
    i’ve purchased micromax 353 3g modem it is working only 2 days after that when i plug it and start the applicaton then error shown on application NO DEVICE plz help me to resolve this problem, i am not able to use this device

  25. Dear Sir,
    i’ve purchased micromax 353 3g modem it is working only 2 days after that when i plug it and start the application then error shown on application NO DEVICE plz help me to resolve this problem, i am not able to use this device

  26. Does it work on 310g???

  27. Hi everyone..I am facing problem with Micromax MMX 352g modem.
    Everytime i reboot my laptop i need to reinstall its driver..
    Is there any relevant solution for this problem.
    If you do have any solution please share.

  28. Pravin Jay says:

    Hie I hav just switched to Windows -8 and when i plug in the modem, it Auto Setup runs and drivers also installed, but the drivers are not compatible wit W8 OS..
    Dear Admin, Is there any way to work my Micromax MMX 353G Modem In Windows-8?????

  29. i am using MMX353G it is connectimg whaen i connect it directly to the back panel USB port, but when i try to connect it through front panel USB or an USB extension wire it can not search the network and reconnects automatically. I am fed up of this. please help me. as in my room it is not getting 3G signal from back panel. I tried with Reliance GSM, Airtel etc. But always it detects the device then searches for the network and before getting the signal it disconnects and again detect it automatically.

  30. Sanjeev chauhan says:

    I download this mmx 353g software Is it work ? i have mmx 310 g?

  31. himanshu tyagi says:

    I am using 310 modem with this 353g driver software, plz halp 353g driver uploader site,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  32. How to install mmx 532g to mmx535g it can anybuddy tell me regarding this.

  33. Thanks Bro

  34. can i update my mmx 300 driver to get ussd option

  35. Dear Sir,
    when i use mmx353g data card.. I use aircel gsm sim after 1 secend Error 403 Window shows this error. what can i do? plese reply soluection.

  36. Ganesh Vasant Ambekar says:

    when i connect my mmx353g data card..after i use aircel GSM sim window shows this error 403 and not suport lap top and pc.
    what can i do? So plese reply soluction.

  37. Dear Sir,
    when i connect my mmx353g data card..after 1 secend Error 403 Window shows this error
    what can i do?plz reply asap

  38. Dear Sir,
    mmx353G 3G. net setter not match to aircel sim. plese solve a probleme.

    • Make a profile for Aircel with correct apn via Tools >> Profile >> Add Profile
      Profile Name : Aircel
      Dial no. : *99#
      APN : Click Here to Check correct apn for aircel in your city,
      Click Save and Select Aircel , Click Default , Click Connect
      Make sure internet services are activated on your sim card.

  39. manivannan says:

    hi friend,
    am using micromax mmx300c with bsnl EVDO connection for the last 2 years.
    Yesterday i bought micromax funbook…
    Now i found difficulty to use micromax modem in micromax funbook…
    pls give me step by step instructions to solve this issue.
    Expecting reply from you.
    Thank u!!!

  40. will work micromax 352 modem in ubuntu 12.04
    if yes then plz send full step

  41. rajesh sahoo says:

    I have purchased micro max MMX 353G on 01 AUGUST 2012, my modem dashboard version is 5.538.00 and all details are mentioned below…

    Modem Information
    Modem name: MMX353G 3G USB Manager
    At port: COM 40
    Firmware version: LQA00D8.1.1_MG66
    IMEI: 911101058298542
    IMSI: 404410013631085
    Operator Information
    PIN code status: READY
    Network code: 40441
    Network selection mode: Auto
    Network mode: UTRAN
    Signal strength: -74
    Network Status
    CS network registration: Registered,Home PLMN
    PS network registration: Registered,Home PLMN
    PS network attachment: Attached

    But i want to flash the modem dashboard version to earlier version i.e., 5.517.00

    What i want to say is i want to downgrade the firmware of my modem…

    Can you please help it…

  42. Anil Yadav says:

    this link is not working ……………Plz help me ASAP

  43. please tell me the direct downloading link to download mmx 353g software

  44. incessant quest says:

    Mac OS X Lion version of USB Manager please

  45. incessant quest says:


  46. Anil Yadav says:

    above give link to Download the Soft is NOTworking ……………….?????
    Plz help ASAP ………… Thank you

  47. ROBIN GUPTA says:

    I want downloading mmx 353G softwar.plz help admin.

  48. md sabihul haque says:

    Dear sir,
    Plz send me rck number its urgent.IMEI: 910532501310396, IMSI: 404811140942798.
    from, kolkata

  49. md sabihul haque says:

    Dear sir
    Plz send me rck number of my modem Modem Information
    Modem name: MMX310G 3G USB Manager
    At port: COM 4
    Firmware version: LQA0094.1.1_MG32
    IMEI: 910532501310396
    IMSI: 404811140942798
    Operator Information
    PIN code status: READY
    Network code: 40481
    Network selection mode: Manual
    Network mode: UTRAN
    Signal strength: 83
    Network Status
    CS network registration: Registered,Home PLMN
    PS network registration: Registered,Home PLMN
    PS network attachment: Attached

  50. wooowww… ammezzzing…
    I have MMX310G Installed, I installed this Software, Now I can make USSD and Voice call.



  51. give me a uninor gprs setting

  52. i buy 353g modem but still i have a problem i can’t attend any call becoz voice not coming this side any body knows this problem solution please told me,no body knows that so anybody intrested to buy my stick pls contact me………diwakardinesh5@gmail.com…….it just 2days old micromax mmx 353g

  53. Can I increase the speed of mmx353g data card??????????

  54. incessant quest says:

    MMX353G 3G USB MANAGER for Mac OS X LION 10.7.4 PLEASE

  55. surrey91 says:

    hello friendsss…i m just going to start download after reading your post

  56. I have the 352g unlocked purchased from a local dealer. Presently on the Aircel Network. Pls suggest an alternate Dashboard/USB manager. I have to deal with the miapps homepage everytime i reconnect, I’m lookin to change the APN settings. Thanks!

  57. raginee says:

    when i connect my mmx353g data card..after 10 or 15 mints a pop up window shows this error”USB Modem MFC application has stopped working”

    what can i do?plz reply asap

  58. incessant quest says:

    yes, please upload Mac OS X 10.7.4 version too, please

  59. can you please upload mac version too .. I have 352g and want to make voice calls … heheh ( greedy )

  60. incessant quest says:

    the data card runs on mac os x but does not support voice calling.

    i mailed Micromax support and they r saying that i need to get the data card flash with the latest software and hav to go to the service centre in Vikaspuri.
    can i get the latest software for mac os x to run MMX353G with voice support

  61. incessant quest says:

    mac os x installation file not given in the folder :((

  62. Hi ashu,
    I hv purchase 353g and dont hv older software. I am facing the same problem its showing ‘no device’ can u tell me what i do..

  63. 353g driver do not support 352g. as after installing 353g driver for 352g, first time run is perfect but when i remove the modem and reinsert it then it shows “no device”. even after restarting the windows it says the same thing no device, so it’s a problem with 353g driver.
    so if someone is using it for calling fxn specially then follow these steps.
    1. don’t uninstall your original driver whether it is 352g or 310g or any other.
    2. if older modem application is running then close it, even from task bar.
    3. now install new 353g,so after installation and running the appliaction first time it will work fine but from next time when u’ll reinsert the modem and run mmx353g application, it’ll show NO DEVICE.
    4. so to resolve this problem close the application 353g from everywhere, and run ur older application which came with modem say 352g, now again close it from all places, and now run newly 353g application. and you are done, it’ll work fine.
    so keep if 353g showing no device, then each time u’ll have to follow the 4th step each time.
    and if anybody have another solution then let me also know. :-)

  64. Sabhahith says:

    i have micromax 353g data card… i want to swap network 2g to 3g is there any trick…???

  65. I purchased micromax 353g datacard, when i connect to my windows 7 pc, ii dashboard it shows ‘No Device’ and it is keep on searching. initializing. Overall it is not working in my windows 7.
    Any one faced same problem plz help me.

  66. How i connect MMX 353g to micromax Funbook ??

  67. mmx 353g has voice call and features then why do u want this software plz tell i plan to buy this device

  68. Can I use this on a android tablet (Micromax funbook)?

  69. My mmx353g modem is not properly workiog? My pc is hang when i conent the modem and it will shut down ……plz help

  70. will this 352g or 353g works on ubuntu 12.04??

  71. Rajeev Singh says:


    I am using 352g modem with this 353g driver software, and It is not working on Windows 8 OS….any one help me what to do.

    Thanks in advance.

  72. Bhavesh says:

    Send me: I am want to purchase this so send me address of Ahmedabad, Gujarat to purchase this stick.

  73. Saikat says:

    But sorry guyz,i am using 352g modem with this 353g driver software, but i cann’t make voice call.. Every time when i am going to dial a number,its showing an error, “call ended”.. guyz you know how to solve this problem??

  74. my mmx modem 353g not cannact in vodaphone sim. what can i do?

  75. rahul9999 says:

    Thnx Admin….its working in my micormax mmx352g…finally after searching so many sites i found it here..good site and good softwere….before installing plz uninstall ur old softwere. and also Plugin ur modem….if u didnt plugin ur modem before installing, thn the driver will not install.
    so before installing the new mmx353g softwere plz pluging ur modem & click run…then follow the instructions…once again thanx to uploader..

  76. diwakar says:

    this micromax company is a cheater one.352g 353g is same modem only internal software is changed.so donoy\t waste your money in 353g just buy 352g and enjoy all facility like calling in 352g.

  77. Hey Many Many thanks to the uploader. I got it finally after searching almost daily. Tnks again

  78. Joshi AD says:

    I am downloading this mmx 353G software, i have mmx 352G, it will work or not?

  79. I am now downloading the mmx353 firmware. It does not matter to me that if it works or not. It matters to me that after searching almost 100 sites i found it. Very nice site.
    thank u.

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