How to Unlock SIM Card asking PIN PUK Code?

Sometime changing/trying Sim card from one device to another  , or trying into locked mobile or usb modem/dongle or datacard , may be hectic for you,once it ask for PIN code or PUK Code, after 2-3 trial of PIN CODE it ask for PUK Code , know what is PIN Code & PUK Code along with other lock code terms used for mobile / dongle sim cards,

PIN  (Personal Identification Number) codes:

  • PIN code protects your SIM card against unauthorized use. It is asked when you insert the SIM card and boot up the device for the first time. It is 4 to 8 digits long and usually supplied with your SIM card. However, it is recommended to change the original PIN code to your own, the instruction on how to change the PIN code is provided in the user guide or Nokia Web site.
  • UPIN code is usually supplied with the USIM card. The USIM card is an enhanced version of the SIM card and is supported by UMTS mobile phones.
  • PIN2 code is also 4 to 8 digits long and is supplied with some SIM cards, and is required to access certain services.
  • If you enter any of the above PIN codes incorrectly three consecutive times, you need corresponding PUK codes to unlock them. Read more about PUK codes below.

PUK (Personal Unblocking Key) codes:

  • PUK code is 8 digits long and is required to change a blocked PIN code.
  • UPUK code is required to change a blocked UPIN code.
  • PUK2 code is required to change a blocked PIN2 code.
  • The PUK codes are also provided by your network operator.

Lock code / Security code / Password:

  • These codes protect your phone from unauthorised use.
  • The default lock code or security code supplied with the phone is 12345. The password is used with Nokia with Windows Phone devices, and there is no default for it. It is recommended to specify the code of your own. The instruction on how to change the code is provided in the user guide or Nokia Web site.
  • Keep the new code in a safe place separate from your phone.
  • If you get error notifications after entering the code too many times incorrectly, reboot the phone and wait for 15 minutes, then try again. If the problem persists, contact your local Nokia Care Point.

Restriction code / Restriction password:

  • The restriction code or restriction password may be required when using some network services, such as call restriction service. Note that not all network operators support such service.
  • If your device display “Enter restriction code” when you insert a new SIM card, it means that your device has been locked to use a certain operator’s network and it does not accept SIM cards from other operators.
  • Contact your network operator for assistance.

Other PIN codes:

The module PIN is required to access the information in the security module of your SIM card.
The signing PIN may be required for the digital signature.

Important! If you do not know or forget any of these codes, always contact your network operator.

How to Retrieve PIN / PUK Code for various Indian SIM Cards?

For customers , Calling Helpline to respective Network Operators is the only solution , but for Dealers they may call PUK code by sending sms via their lapu sim card, this way they can provide PUK code for any SIM Card,

Following are the Helpline numbers for same to know PUK Code,

  • Operator Name
  • How to Know PUK Code
  • Airtel 2G & 3G
  • CALL 123
  • AIRCEL 2G & 3G
  • CALL 123
  • BSNL 2G & 3G
  • CALL 1503
  • Reliance 2G & 3G
  • CALL 198
  • Tata Docomo 2G & 3G
  • CALL 121
  • Vodafone 2G & 3G
  • CALL 141
  • Videocon 2G & 3G
  • CALL  121




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