Download Micromax MMX400r Pocket Wifi Router USB Driver | Dashboard | Dialer | Software | User Manual | Firmware | Settings | Specification | Light Meanings Symbols | Battery | Review

Download Micromax MMX400r Pocket Wifi Router USB Driver | Dashboard | Dialer | Software | User

Micromax MMX400r Wifi Router

Micromax MMX400r Wifi Router

Manual | Firmware | Settings | Specification | Light Meanings Symbols | Battery | Review

Micromax MMX400r is ideal Wifi device for Traveller , Users having multiple devices like Smartphone, Ipad,Tab ,laptop etc , as all New Gadgets are 3G & Wifi ready but using different – different SIM card for different-2 gadgets to use internet over 3G , may hit your monthly budget as 3g plans are quite expensive as compare to regular broadband connection tariff due to High Speed Internet Mobility, One more big issue is battery backup , while using any gadgets like smart phones or TAB over 3G reduce battery backup to 40~60%. So using internet over wifi is still better than 3g .The device is having some good features like Auto Apn & does not required any settings for any operator in India.USB Connectivity for Non-Wifi Desktop , no software cd required for Desktop ,it will work as good as a 3g dongle / usb modem for Desktop PC , This Device is also having Micro SD Card Slot support upto 32gb sd card ,here very interesting thing is that you can transfer data download & upload data over wifi from Micro SD Card to any device, also you can do same via usb cable to any device by switching Web Server Option to USB  in Sharing Menu.Battery backup of Device is quit low upto 4hrs with 1500MAh Battery as size & weight matters always for batteries , can be charged by pc/desktop usb port .Maximum Device can be connected in Wifi is limit to 5 , also one can switch the maximum user over wifi in Admin Settings, Status of Battery can be view on Laptop / Mobile device over wifi , also device can be switched off via wifi device,Colors available in black & white , while in Indian market White colour is available , looks very nice. Price is 3999/- at , To buy online Click Here.

Specification – Micromax MMX 400 R 3g Pocket Wifi Router –


Band Details HSUPAHSDPAUMTSEDGEGPRS 3GPP Release6, up to 5.76M bps UL,category 63GPP Release6, up to 7.2M bps DL,category 7/83GPP Release4, up to 384 Kbps DL and UL3GPP Release4, Multislot class 12, up to 237 Kbps3GPP Release4, Multislot class 10, up to 85.6Kbps
3G/2G Frequency Band GSM/GPRS/EDGEUMTS/HSPA 850/900/1800/1900 MHz2100MHz
WiFi Technical Standerds Frequency Band802.11b/gData Transmission Speed
EncryptionSSIDWPSUser amount
2.4GH3z802.11b/g802.11g: 6, 9, 12, 18, 24, 36, 48, 54Mbps 802.11b: 1, 2, 5.5, 11MbpsWEP Encryption, 64/128 bits
+ Authentication: 802.1x, Pre-Shared Key (PSK)
+ Encryption: AES, TKIPSingle SSID BroadcastSupportedMax. to 5 WiFi users and 1 USB user ( User Limit can be Set 1 to 5 )
Antenna – Internal 3G/2G Main Antenna3G Rx Diversity AntennaWiFi Antenna All Internal Antenna
External Interface Micro USBUSIM/SIM Card SlotMicro-SD Card Slot For Charging & to connect PC – Desktop Non-Wifi Device
Support all 2g / 3g sim cardSupport Micro SD,data sharing via wifi (Web Server ) & via usb
Function Button Power/InternetWiFi/WPSReset 1 – To stop/start Internet , Power On/Off1 – To on/off Wifi1
State Indicator PowerWIFI/WPS indicatorSignal Strength indicatorNetwork Type indicator 1 (Check Light Statistics in manual below )1 (Check Light Statistics in manual below )1 (Check Light Statistics in manual below )1 (Check Light Statistics in manual below )

MAC/URL/IP filter

VPN Passthrough

All Supported
Mass Storage Micro-SD Card HTTP shared or as a USB stick
OS WindowsMac Windows 7/Vista/XP(SP2 and above )OS X 10.4.9 and Later, Up to X10.6.0
Browser Internet ExplorerSafari   ( You may face admin password error due to browser )3.0/4.0
Battery Lion Battery 1500mAH Li-onWorking time 4Hours
Standby time 20Hours
Parameters Dimension (mm)Weight (g) 95.5X51X14.860gms
Certification CEROHSOther SupportedSupportedCould be supported upon requested
Standard Package Contents 3G WiFi DeviceLion BatteryUser ManualChargerUSB Cable  All Single Qty.

IP Address of Router while connecting via wifi or via usb for Settings | Wifi Security password Edit –

Admin Login id – Admin

Default Password – password  ( This is required after connecting device over wifi or usb , there is no security password by default )


Download Micromax MMX400 R – 3G Router USB Dialer | Driver | Software | Dashboard | Windows 7 | XP | 2000 | Linux | Mac OS

Dashboard Screenshot of Micromax MMX400r – 

Overview & Setting Screenshot

micromax mmx 400 r dialer dashboard

micromax mmx 400 r dialer dashboard
Micromax MMX400 R Dialer Dashboard

Micromax MMX400 R Dialer Dashboard


  1. Recently I have purchased the MMx 400R. I’m facing problem in switching OFF/ON the router. Once its ON, when I press the power button more then 2 seconds, its not getting switched OFF. But if I’m in the web page there is an option to power off and if I clicked its switched OFF. Also if the router is in sleep mode or idle for sometime, I’m not able to connect any device even if I press the powere button. For this I’m removing the battery to get it work. kindly advise.

    • there is a reset button , near the power and wifi button , to press this button you need a pin , try to reset the device , this may fix the issue ,by the way this is also to reset security password and factory default , if the issue is same ,visit nearest Micromax service center.

  2. Anil Singh Bansal says:

    I need a CDMA Wi-FI router

  3. can this be use without connecting with laptop….if i want to use it in tablet only

  4. Can I plug in an ethernet connection from a broadband modem or office lan port to this device through the USB and get access over wifi ?

  5. Hi I have recently Purchased a Micromax Funbook Pro (10\’) and also got a Vodafone 3g Card and Dongle and have ordered 400r since the vodafone dongle is not detected by the Tablet but can detect Tata Photon Dongle and also work fine. 1. Can the Vodafone dongle be configured to This tablet. 2. Do we need to Install the driver\’s of the 400r since all our device (BB Mobile,Laptop,Tablet) has WIFI. IF No how do we configure the Security to ensure only My Familiy uses it. If yes then ill take your Help Thanks in Advance.

  6. Hello tech team,

    I tried to install and uninstall the driver at my window 7 laptop and desktop by no luck, i am not able to use as a desktop dialer to connect to internet…
    pls assits..


  7. I forgot the password which I reset through Admin setup.How to reset it.

  8. Dear Friends
    I teach you easier way to get Micromax mmx 400 r Dashboard logged in.
    1. Insert your network sim 2G or 3G
    2. Insert the battery and Switch on the devices
    3. Wait for few Minutes, use your laptop wifi to find wireless available
    4. you can find speedtestmmx400R
    5. click on the , it will connected automatically
    6. then you can access the dashboard . http.//
    7. default password will be. password
    Any help friend pls ask , ready to help you anytime


  9. I recently purchased the device the download speed is ok but upload is very low (I use BSNL 3G) in bengaluru, is there any way to improve the speed, and also the the driver and dialer installed properly by not able to open in my Windows 7 laptop and desktop, any updated driver or patch for this??


  10. I had recently brought mmx 400r. I had 3g sim and my area had both 2g nd 3g network. when i connect mmx400r to my tablet through wi-fi nd i getting 2g gprs net connection nd showing 2g signal in mmx400r. What shal i do in order to get 3g signal in mmx400r nd tab.

  11. Hi
    I am using this product since 2 months & it is working fine with my Laptop. But I am unable to use internet on my android Phone using wifi.
    Infact I can download mails on the registered e-mail IDs on my phone, but I am unable to browse websites or use samsungapps.
    When I open browser, I get the 192.168….. page with two links (Enter into Micromax Webstore & Dont show this page). But both the links does not work on mobile phone (works perfectly on my laptop)
    In Samsungapps, I get “No Network” message.
    Would be gr8 if someone can help me in solving this problem. (FYI, even on other mobile phones I have tried & getting similar problem with them too)


    • if you have entered some password to access over wifi, open it once and remove the password , connect with mobile again and check.use security password method as auto/wap2/wpa/psk –

      • Thank you for your response.
        However, the problem with the phone was that Javascript had not been enabled. I went to the browser in my Phone, then the settings and enabled the javascript. Now its working gr8…


  12. hello, i just bought this micromax 400r because my tata 3g photon has broken, and i put the sim card of the tata 3g into the micromax 400r but i cannot connect to the the internet, it say connect failed. but when i am using a normal airtel sim card i am able to connect. help me with the tata sim plz

    • Actually Tata Docomo is having two apn , one is tata.docomo.internet and other is tatadocomo3g , if you are using dongle sim then correct apn ( access point name ) is tatadocomo3g but Micromax MMX400r may using tata.docomo.internet apn , to change setting you need to add manual settings/add profile for same.
      This you can do by ,
      Add Profile :
      Profile Name : Tata Docomo
      Dial no. : *99#
      APN : tatadocomo3g
      Save and apply ( Set as Default )

      For more apn settings details – Click here.

  13. I want to perches this modem. May I use this modem without any PC or Laptop (physical connectivity) ?

  14. I brought this today, wen i plugged in to my USB port in laptop for installation, automatic installation is not happening :(, but the message “USB installed succesfully” popped up and went away. iam not able to see the home screen. the link is not workin , both in Firefox and IE8..

    PLS help

  15. Mohit Chourasia says:

    does it really supports memory card of 32 gb?? actually my friend has purchased this Mifi router abd it supports only 16 gb memory card. i also want to purchase this router but i am a bit confused about its memory card support. Kindly clear the same doubt.

  16. when i type in browser then i got only 2 options
    1. mi apps
    2. don’t show this page again

    so i m unable to setup the password.
    when i tried for pc the autoinstalled software doesn’ work.

    plz help me

  17. When ever i try to reconnect after automatic disconnection, i am being said to sign in page where i have to select dont show this page again to start the internet browsing, please help me how to get ride of this page every time.


  18. how it is working

  19. Noctural Nath says:

    yep really like what youve done here

  20. Abhishek says:


    i have both 3g and 2g signal in my area for reliance.
    I dont know how and where to select 3g signal. Automatically device is selecting 2g signal.
    i selected Internet Tab, but then it showed me message that you are connected to internet hence cannot change network. If i remove the sim and then login as a device admin then under ‘Internet’ tab i get option that no sim installed.
    Can you please help me about how to select 3g signal from 2g signal?


  21. Abhijith says:

    I have ipad 3 and always hook up with micromax 400r for internet, it works fine. Recently, i bought a 16gb micro sd card to establish file transfer between my ipad and this modem, since usb transfer doesn’t work with ipad, i need to transfer via server which i am not able to figure out how? There is an option to “choose file” for transfer but the list is empty. I don’t even have a pc in my home, everything is ipad for me. Can you please help me? Thanks.

  22. Aadil Williamson says:

    I have just recently bought Micromax MMR400R 3G wireless router. Though the Wi Fi is working, however I am not being able to set up the dash board on my PC. I installed the software in the router and also downloaded it from your website, however, the software after installing won’t work. Please let me know to set up my router, so that I can set a password too.

    • if software installed , try installing drivers which is an auto process , uninstall all usb modem , dongles installed on your PC first , once the driver installed successfully , you will be able to detect the device via dashboard.,you can setup password via any wifi device , connect router via any wireless device like laptop or desktop , then type address in browser , password is “password” , after admin login ,you can change/set the password.

      • Prasanth says:

        I have recently bought 400r modem…i installed all the drivers and softwarer ….for the first time it works good but after that then connection didnt last for even 2 or 3 seconds then i replaced the product with warrenty…but in this the while installing the driver it came as “Driver installation failed” i cant connect the device .even i downloaded the driver software for net but the same…”Driver installation failed”.pls tell what to do pls help me

        • Why you want to connect with USB Cable , is it Desktop?? Remove/Uninstall all the modems / Datacard ( Micromax and also other make ) software and drivers installed on your system , remove mmx400r setup/driver, reinstalling the same will fix this issue.

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