Download Mobile Partner with Auto APN Settings | Huawei Generic Dashboard | Software | Driver | For Huawei Device

Download Mobile Partner with Auto APN Settings | Huawei Generic Dashboard | Software | Driver | For Huawei Device

Here is the new release Mobile Partner with Auto APN ( Access Point Name ) Settings for Indian Huawei Dongle users , anyone who is using Huawei Make Device with any operator in India like Idea 3G , Airtel , Vodafone , Tata Docomo , Aircel etc.

Download – Click Here to Download Mobile Partner with Auto APN – Dashboard Update File- 24.96Mb.

Download – Mobile Partner Setup Files,to Install Direct into system/pc/laptop – 21.33Mb

Download – New Sept-2012 Mobile Partner with Multi Skin Dashboard – 65.1Mb 

Installation Process – Connect Huawei Make Device , let it detect or install with original Dashboard so that all the driver install successfully , once installed & detected close the original dashboard of Operator , Run the downloaded file – Click Next , this software will move into device , please do not close the screen till the file downloaded successfully into the device , now install the new software from  the Device.

Dashboard Screenshot –

Huawei Mobile Partner auto APN Screenshot

Huawei Mobile Partner auto APN Screenshot































  1. Ovais Mirza says:

    if you can provide any solution : ZTE K3770-Z does not detect network of roaming sim card(airtel,voda,airel tried all)…it is unlocked with china dashboard Unicom Connection Manager…
    Ovais Mirza

  2. M.R.Reddy says:

    Dear Sir,
    I have a tata photon max (Huawei EC 306 ).It works fine with my Laptop. I bought a DIGISOL portable 3G router DG-HR1160. i am unable to connect my Tata photon Max using this device.It is supposed to be compatible. I have input the correct user name and password.
    The APN is unavailable. could you help
    Thanking You

  3. vigneshwaran says:

    hi I am always using mobile partner signal pulse shown on full but download speed only 5 to 15 kbs how to increase speed…. please help me..

  4. Koushik das says:

    Sir, i install my modem mobile partner software. software version is – mobile partner multi skin. But- I have one problem. My problem is Internet connection was not connected.

  5. Koushik says:

    Sir, My want huawei E173Bu-1 data card software update. Please send me latest software link .

  6. afsal121 says:

    how to uninstall mobile partner and reinstall my idea e303 3g.I am asking so because mobile partner is not detecting my huawie e303s dongle and i am unable to use internet.when i unistall mobile partner and reinstall it again it shows error code:10,find port failed while searching device. sir please help me…….

  7. chowdeswar says:

    sir i have airtel e1731 how can i unlock it imei is 863791011603925
    tell me process and provide softwares

  8. Kumari Sri says:

    Hi Sir
    I am having “TATA INDICOM” SXC – 1080.
    Serial no is : EUSC507136
    ESN is : 05B64B43
    Can u provide me the code.

    Thanks in Advance

  9. i am having leoxsys 3g modem of model 72v.when i connected to my laptop it is not showing anything can u suggest for this problem

  10. I got stuck in the middle of nowhere.
    First I installed the Update-New-Mobile-23-Auto-Global-Apn-MultiSkin.exe It worked fine with the Aircel SIM
    I tried to unlock the Huwaei E303S and in the process I have installed the version Mobile Partner Indian APN Settings Update. Now my device is renamed as P@v@n Soft Solut and unusable as it has installed a version older than is required. I am unable to connect now to Aircel also.

    It also has a software called Huwaei Model Unlocker v.5.7.7 … through it I have found the UL code 51599583 and Flash code 59829400…. Tried many times. Now only 4 left.

    When I tried to get back to the Update-New-Mobile-Parnter-23-Auto-Global-Apn-MultiSkin.exe …it shows error code:10,find port failed while searching device. please help me..

  11. hi my datacard model is E303S. i havent unlocked the datacard. When i tried running the mobile partner software , i got port failed error. my imei no is 867648011754312. what should i do to unlock the modem.

  12. ofter open obile partener auto apn its showing get device information failed

  13. My avast antivirus says that it contains a Trojan horse..!!

  14. sir, I have Huawei 173Eu-1 it is not auto install in my laptop os wind 7. plz help me

  15. Srinivasulu says:

    I am planning to buy airtel 3G usb modem- Fully Unlocked Huawei E1731 model. Should i need to unlock once again after buying this or It is already unlocked. please let me know.

  16. I installed it on EC150 Reliance Dongle. But it is not detecting network when I install any other Sim Card.

  17. I recently purchased one AINOl NOVO7 Tornado 7″ Tablet.
    I have a 3g airtel dongle (E1731), which I use for my laptop.
    Kindly advise me the settings I need to make in the tablet to establish internet connection.
    I am a novice, therefor send me step by step instructions.
    Thanks a lot,

    gs raju

  18. I recently purchased one AINOL NOVO7 TORNADO 7″ Tablet (with android 4). I already have airtel 3g dongle (E1731), which I use for my laptop.
    Pl advise me the settings I require to make in the tablet to use the above dongle for internet.
    I am a novice, so kindly send me step by step instructions.
    Thanks a lot,

    gs raju

  19. sir i want to unlock idea modem E303….and i want to use another operator sim…so can i unlock modem?
    plz sir help me

  20. Sir..

    kindly help me to unlock my huawei e303d idea modem…

  21. any help for micromax 350g modem
    it always shows “NO DEVICE”.
    IMEI : 910532800008972

  22. 867648011709993

  23. imei- 867648019317099
    what is unlock code

  24. i have huawei EC150 modem….
    details are :

    IMEI: +GSN:80bc2cba
    IMSI: 404002320110170
    H/W VER : CE7EC122
    S/N : BVA9MB1121927343
    NCK OR UNLOCK CODE :46560810
    FLASH CODE : 49197615
    RSN: RHWCDD220067980
    MEID: A000002D4A9116
    SKU: CDHW12Z1
    FCC ID : QISEC122

  25. hey ….
    i have huawei EC150 cdma modem ….
    so can u please tell me how to i have unlock it to use other cdma sim card …i already have try huwaei unlocker but its failed ..the error during the unlock time is NSK write failed.
    huawei EC150 details are :
    FCC ID : QISEC122
    MEID : A000002D4A9116
    RSN : RHWCDD220067980
    S/N : BVA9MB1121927343
    S/N : CDHW12Z1
    help me asap
    thanking you ….

  26. helo i updated my unlock airtel e1731 modem and after update profile manger is locked .no new profile for new sim card can not be created .it work like a locked datacard.
    how can i change profile manager that use my choice sim card . please provide anwser to my email id

    • Download Auto apn Dashboard Update file from the post , run the file after connecting your airtel modem ( close your airtel dashboard / software ) , reinstall the software from your modem , in this new software you dont need to make profile.

  27. can u give me firmware update for aircel e1750 modem??
    Device name: E1750
    Application port: COM10
    Serial number: NJA5TA9251008012
    IMEI: 355013049959764
    Hardware Version: CD6ATCPU
    Firmware Version:
    Software Version:

  28. Jithin Johny George says:

    Thank you for giving the latest version of mobile partner, bookmarked your website..

  29. hardik meena says:

    sir maine naya reliance 3g data card liya hai … aur usme mobial partner support nahi karta kuch bhi change nahi aa raha pls soum suggesen me…

  30. Airtel Modem purchased on 2-8-2012
    model e1731
    imei : 863791011667748

    i tried the unlock code 40036251, but its not a valid code.
    Plz provide correct unlock code
    Are there any other way to connect the other sim

  31. Hi,

    The dashboard is great, but it does not include the drivers for Huawei E303S, which i am trying to mod. The modem is unlocked and the dashboard software detects only if the Huawei drivers are installed. I installed the drivers seperately and the dashboard app got updated, but if the same device is connected onto another PC, Mobile Partner gets installed without any errors, whereas the modem driver is not installed.

    It would be really great if you can include the drivers also into the dashboard with the supported models.

    Please provide us the link for drivers for the modems on your site with a matrix page with Manufacturer, Model, OS version, so that the dashboard can recognize the modem and update can happen hassle free.


  32. how to uninstall mobile partner and reinstall aircel 3g.I am asking so because mobile partner is not detecting my huawie e303s dongle and i am unable to use internet.when i unistall mobile partner and reinstall it again it shows error code:10,find port failed while searching device. sir please help me..

  33. i want unlock my modem airtel 3g modem
    send unlocki code
    send mail or call me 9908464429

  34. hello sir i have a airtel 3g modem but i want my modem unlock
    call me 9908464429
    or send to mail

  35. Kailash jangir says:

    Sir plz tell how i add Mobile Partner with Auto APN – Dashboard Update on my data card for no for default auto setup and tell how to change auto setup programe on data card

    Kailash jangir

  36. Rajesh Sali says:

    I would like to know if there is any way to integrate Huawei 173Cs-1 drivers into the Auto APN Customized Dashboard ?
    Secondly; how to make my own Customized Dashboard ? Any Tool etc. ?

  37. can i do voice calls on e303cs-1 huwaei ,its written on dongle box,i plugged it connected to 192.168. something am browsing net ,i cant find any software to make calls in that please help me sir

  38. IS IT WORKS ON E303CS-1 ALSO ?

  39. i have installed this dashboard but it is not detecting my Vodafone k3806 data card…..though it is already unlocked….do i need to uninstall vmb??? if yes how?? if no then please provide me with the required step

  40. After installing mobile partner in my device I am getting the following error.

    “Only the specified SIM/USIM card can be used on the device”.

    Pls help.

  41. how to access idea 3G with Mobile Partner


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