Download Huawei E303 | E303C | USB Modem Driver Dashboard New Mobile Partner with Skin

Download Original Huawei E303 | E303C | USB Modem Driver Dashboard New Mobile Partner with Skin



Specification : Huawei E303C | E303

  • HSUPA – Download 7.2Mbps – Upload 5.76Mbps
  • Multimode HSUPA, HSDPA / U MTS / EDGE / GPRS / GSM card
  • Provides HSUPA, HSDPA and UMTS High-speed data (up to 7.2 Mbps) connectivity for mobile users
  • Provides EDGE / GPRS I GSM data connectivity
  • Transparent hand-over between UMTS and GSM / EDGE network
  • Future proofing through Flash Memory technology
  • Auto APN Settings – Auto Connect
  • Multiple Dashboard Skin
  • Voice Call | USSD | Phonebook
  • System Requirements
  • Windows® XP SP2 / VISTA spl/windows 7 8 – Linux
  • Mac OS X 10.5 or higher (only support INTEL plafform)
  • Warranty – 1 Year

Download Setup File Driver Huawei E303 | E303C | Original Huawei 3G Unlocked Modem | Dashboard | Windows | Linux | Mac

Download Dashboard Update Multi Skin For Windows and Mac – UTPS –  MAC23. – With Latest Driver Version Tested with All New Huawei Devices Drivers Sept-2012 – 65.1Mb

Get Huawei E303 New Algo Unlock Code Online @ Free 

Huawei Mobile Partner Dashboard Version installed on Huawei E303-C with Auto APN is Mobile Parnter

Buy Now Huawei E303C 303 USB Modem

Buy Now Huawei E303C 303 USB Modem

Huawei Firmware Version installed on Huawei E303-C is with Hardware Version CH2E303SM.

Various Dashboard skin can be select on Huawei Mobile Partner version – 

Here are some Original Dahsboard Skin’s Screenshot from Huawei E303 –














  1. Roopali Mishra says:

    Hi….I tried using the Huawei 303 C with my mac book air 10.7.2. After installing the Huawei software it says that it’s not compatible with this version. Can you help me address this issue and also can you suggest what dongles/data cards would work with my mac.

  2. my dongal Huawei E303 it not display VIOCE CALL icon how to display it

  3. Sir,
    I have Huawei E173Bu-1 Airtel Modems with IMEI starting with 3543…….
    All of them when put under DC Unlocker software shows “all of 10 attempts used”
    Can you PLEASE PLEASE tell me the way to unlock them ?

  4. jack sparrow says:

    sir,i’m using huawei e 303 idea modem….wishing to unlock…i’d collected the new algo code already,but doesn’t know how to make succesful unlocking steps….kindly clarify my doubt,ur service will be glorified…!

  5. I needed a dongle that works as a UART attached modem – this is not the case !
    Any hints ?

  6. I need to crack idea netsetter and i am ready to pay also can you tell how to proceed to get it done

  7. I am using MacBook Pro 13″ i7 Mid 2012 model with the Mountain Lion OS.
    I use new Huawei E303C Datacard with Aircel 3G connection.
    When I insert Datacard in USB, Mobile Partner app (Huawei E303C Datacard default app) says “Device not found”. Even if I keep it connected for 1 hour.
    It is working all fine in iMac 2010 (Mountain Lion) and MacBook Pro 2010 (Snow Leopard).

  8. Please Help me unlock my huawei e303
    You gave me the unlock code but i can’t use it
    Code writer says ok but can’t unlock
    and i get the message only specified sim/usim allowed on this device

  9. dude can u plz say me how to install in ubantu step by step

    • Abraham Rohith Roy says:

      Deepak, download Sakis 3G and install it in Ubuntu. It’s working flawlessly in Ubuntu with E303 C

  10. I am using MacBook Pro 13″ i7 2012 model with Mountain Lion OS.
    I purchased Huawei E303C datacard last week and using Aircel 3G connection.
    Most of the times, when I insert datacard in USB, Mobile Partner app says “Device not found”. Even if I keep it connected for 1 hour.
    Its probability to work is around once in a day. Later if I again insert this device in USB, then it does not detect at all.
    Whether I need to configure anything in OS or do I need any latest driver for Mountain Lion OS.
    Please help me to solve this issue.

  11. I bought huawei e303 hilink last week,, but now i have problem… my laptop and my computer can’t connect,,, it said device driver sofware was not successfully installed,,, and in the detail.. USB COM no driver found… i have to tried in my friend’s computer… but same… i have tried many computer but same..

    tell me what the problem,,, and how to fix it… thanks…

  12. Hi,

    i couldn’t find the call option, kindly let me know how to make calls from mobile partner ver 23

  13. says:

    i purchased a Huawei E303 HiLink and it as no CD mount drive..!!
    When i connect this dongle it open a web page showing Connect & the rang status but no voice call option .. & i install Mobile Partner from web but it’n find any ports active in my pc & install fail. is any possibility to receive or call a voicecall

  14. huawei E303C can’t cinstal completely in Lap Top with wind vista. Connection is BSNL. How can I use it.

  15. Ravi Iyer says:

    Hi – I am unable to open the Huawei device E303C on my macbook air with a MAC OS 10.7. Tried downloading the driver shown above it doesn’t seem to support a mac – has Linux and windows options only. Please help…

  16. Hi All,
    I bought recently huawai E303 usb device but its not detecting to my laptop.Kindly tell me do we need to install any softwares to resolve this issue?some people are telling install mobile partner sowtware?is it required?

    • Sir, After connecting device to any usb port , you will ask for mobile partner software installation which is inside the device into flash memory of E303, if you Auto Run is off into your system , you can select setup file via My Computer – New Drivie D , E or F like pen drive , explore this drive n run setup files.Remove if any datacard installed on the system.

  17. gennady says:

    Hello! My tablet PMP 5080B (android 4) does not see the Huawei E 303 via the mini usb OTG.Pomogite advice.
    Thank you!
       Gennady. Minsk

  18. genuess says:

    The Regard to You and how do you do!
    My tablet with Android does not see the modem Huawei E303 ( is connected to through USB OTG). That You will advise.
    Thank you. Gennadiy.

    • Hi,
      I bought Huawei E303Cfor my Android Tablet Xelectron but it doesn’t show the modem, it doesn’t work, i guess its drivers are not present for Android, can somebody please help me with this… I would be thankful. My tablet has ICS OS on my tab.

  19. genuess says:

    Привет Вам и здравствуйте!
    Мой планшет с Android не видит модем Huawei E303 ( подключается к через USB OTG) . Что Вы посоветуете.
    Спасибо. Геннадий.

  20. It does not work with bsnl sim…how to use it with bsnl sim???any way out???

  21. Najipudeen says:

    iam purchased huawei e303c usb stick on 04th june via website. all function correctly working but not working mic in calling side.

  22. Jignesh says:

    Cant install in windows 7. Keep getting error – file in use. try again. Pls help.

  23. Dileesha says:

    does not work on windows 7 64-bit..cannot be install..error in data.bin. please correct & re upload

  24. Bob Couttie says:

    Does not work, and cannot be installed, on Ubuntu.

    • Read Document file in linux folder in above setup file ” how to install driver in linux – document file name Linux Driver Tool User Guide ” ..

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