TataSky Launches Universal Remote Control for HD+ Recorder DVR and SD HD Set top box | Now Control Your TV Power and Volume through Tata Sky Remote | Buy Online | Know Process to Configure Tataksy Universal Remote | Price | Images | FAQs


Tata Sky Universal Remote for SD HD STB @ 249/- Only

 Tatasky Launched two new remote controls for Normal ,HD and HD+ Recorder ( PVR-DVR) set top boxes ,these remotes are coming with “Universal” key ,through which one can program the remote with any make of TV Remote like sony,samsung,lg,videocon,Toshiba,Panasonic.After programing ,these remote can be use on any TV , to switch on/off TV ,AV/TV switching,Mute ,volume control up/down etc.Both the remote is now avialble on Sale ,to buy remotes use buy now link below the respective remote controls ,


Tata Sky Universal Remote for HD+ Recorder @ 349/- Only

349+50 Shipping = 399 ( This works on old sd recorder and all sd, hd tatasky set top boxes )







FAQs on the Tata Sky Universal Remote 


1. What is the Universal Remote from Tata Sky?

The Universal Remote from Tata Sky is a remote that will control all features of the Tata Sky Set Top Box and key features of your TV.

2. What are the TV features that will be controlled by the Universal Remote?

The Universal remote will control the following features of your TV: a) TV Power Switch Off and Switch On b) TV Volume Up and Down c) TV Volume Mute d) TV Input Mode

3. How do I control my TV by the Tata Sky Universal Remote?

The Tata Sky Universal Remote is a learning remote. You can make this remote learn the above keys of your TV remote. 

4. Can the Tata Sky remote control any TV in the Indian Market?

Yes, all current TV models are supported.


  1. this type of remort also progaming with dvd player

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