Bluetooth accessory ‘Tile’ that helps in finding lost important stuff


Tile, a small square device with built-in Bluetooth that connects to your iPhone to help you find lost items like your wallet, car keys, suitcases and more. Anything you attach the Tile to, the app can help you track down.

Tile boasts of several interesting features. You can securely share Tiles with friends, as well as the ‘Lost item’ function that discreetly puts all other Tile users on the lookout for your lost or stolen item. Tiles will sound an alert if triggered. If you can hear it, you can find it. The Tile app remembers where it last saw your Tile, so you can easily find it right where you left it.

Tile uses Bluetooth Low Energy 4.0, and its battery lasts for about a year. After that, you’ll have to replace it. It is compatible only with Bluetooth 4.0 devices, which includes the iPhone 4S/5, iPod touch 5 and late model iPads.

The Tile isn’t available for purchase yet. The developers finished their prototyping and are currently hosting a Kickstarter-like pre-order to raise money to start production. It will retail for $18.95. The accessory will start shipping by the end of this year, or early 2014.


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