Latest Beautiful Diwali special Rangoli Designs for 2015 | Easy | New | Simple | Deepawali 2015 | Making | Images | Photos | Pictures

Latest Beautiful Diwali special Rangoli Designs for 2015 | Easy  | New | Simple |  Deepawali 2015 | Making | Images | Photos | Picture

Yet another year passed away, and the festival of lights is just a few days away. Now its the time to decorate your courtyards, floors and entrances of houses with beautiful Rangoli designs.

Rangoli art is practised throughout India to welcome the Hindu deities such as Lakshmi, to bring good luck, but it is also said to control the ants in people’s houses. The typical Rangoli designs have a round shape, but can be square or rectangular as well. First the outer Rangoli pattern is drawn, later this line drawing can be filled with various powders of different colors. These powders can consist of colored rice grains, dry flour or fine sands.

Here we have beautiful Rangoli designs to decorate your front yard. 

















  1. rangoli designs says:

    nice post! reading it I remembered the last year Diwali festival when my mother and myself cooked a variety of dishes and drew rangoli designs and performed Lakshmi pooja in the evening. Really I love the festival Diwali !

  2. All are nice design of rangoli

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